Stablecoin Liquidity

USDT and USDC vaults are open for deposits and withdrawals for users with no locks or any other limitations. Vaults may be set to the total deposit limit by contract Manager. In exchange for a deposit, users receive iUSDT/iUSDC, which can be used for staking and farming incentives. Funds in these vaults serve as liquidity, for executing Interchain(cross-chain) swaps. During any Interchain transaction, an amount of X USDT/USDC will be added to the vault by the executor contract at the source chain, while at the destination chain executor contract will withdraw the same amount of USDT/USDC to perform the transaction.

In case users want to withdraw USDT/USDC they provided to the vault earlier, they would have to check for sufficient liquidity on a particular chain. If the vault currently, does not have enough USDT/USDC to perform the withdrawal, users may have to wait until liquidity will be balanced between the chains. Alternatively, they can bridge their iUSDT/iUSDC to another chain, where there is sufficient liquidity. We are planning to launch a bridging opportunity in the nearest future.

The manager is required to top up (fund) stablecoin farms with ITP tokens (the reward token), hence users will be able to withdraw them. The team will be manually adding ITP tokens from the protocol planned emissions to stablecoin farms. All emissions are held in the multisig wallet. In case there are not enough tokens at the contract balance for a user to perform a reward withdraw function, the user's rewards remain unclaimed and he will be able to withdraw them later.

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