Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

Interport Finance is pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance, pioneering its first-in-the-market cross-chain DEX aggregator.

Current DEX aggregators primarily operate within a single network, pooling liquidity from various exchanges on that particular chain. This approach, while beneficial within its own ecosystem, fails to leverage the potential of interconnected blockchain networks. Interport aims to bridge this gap by developing an algorithm designed to aggregate cross-chain liquidity, paving the way for faster, more seamless cross-chain swaps.

The integration of this cross-chain aggregation algorithm into Interport Finance will significantly enhance the user experience and serve as a cornerstone for upcoming features like Optimal Swaps and Cross-chain Arbitrage Pools.

The key attributes of Interport's Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator include:

Cross-chain Liquidity Aggregation: By sourcing liquidity across all supported chains, the cross-chain DEX aggregator opens a new era in cross-chain trading. Users will have access to optimal swap routes across multiple networks, significantly enhancing the trading experience.

Deep Integration with Interport Smart Contracts: The aggregator's algorithm is deeply integrated with Interport's smart contracts, resulting in faster and more optimized, and secure transactions, all executed on Interport's side. This integration minimizes the complexities and time delays usually associated with cross-chain trading.

Machine Learning Capabilities: Interport's aggregator employs machine learning to optimize its functionality continually. Over time, the algorithm self-learns to identify the best trading routes and fee optimization strategies, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Fee Compensation with ITP Token Buyback: As part of Interport's incentive program, all fees paid on Interport will be returned to the user in the form of ITP tokens. This system not only offsets trading costs but also fosters a robust ecosystem around the ITP token.

The cross-chain aggregation algorithm will be incorporated across all chains supported by Interport, further strengthening our platform's universality and user-centric approach.

Interport Finance's cross-chain DEX aggregator is set to redefine the landscape of decentralized trading, offering users a seamless and efficient trading experience across multiple chains.

How Will This Function?

Suppose you're planning to buy or sell AAVE tokens, and the total worth is $1M. Doing this on one network might result in a 3-4% slippage, which is the difference between the expected price and the actual price of your trade. But, if you spread out this transaction over four networks and multiple liquidity providers, you could lessen the slippage a lot. This also keeps other traders and automated trading systems (bots) from taking advantage of price differences (arbitrage).

This is where Interport Finance comes in. We collect (aggregate) liquidity from all networks at the same time, so you can get a better rate than if you were only trading on one network.

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