Single Chain Swaps/Meta-aggregation

Optimizing Trades Within the Same Network

Interport's Single Chain Swap feature elevates the trading experience within individual blockchain networks by utilizing an advanced meta-aggregation approach. This method ensures that users receive the best possible price for their single chain and cross chain swaps by comparing rates across multiple aggregators.

How Single Chain Swaps Work

Our platform performs an extensive search across 5-6 leading DEX aggregators for each swap. This process involves:

  1. Rate Comparison: We compare rates offered by different aggregators.

  2. Optimal Selection: The system automatically selects the aggregator offering the best rate including potential gas fees.

  3. Execution of Swap: The trade is executed using the selected aggregator, ensuring users get the most value for their transaction.

The Advantage of Meta-Aggregation

Meta-aggregation offers significant advantages:

  • Best Price Assurance: By comparing multiple sources, we can almost always guarantee the best available price.

  • Efficiency: This process saves users time and effort in searching for the best rates.

Simplified Trading Process

User-Friendly Interface

Interport’s Single Chain Swaps are designed with simplicity in mind. Users can perform swaps with just a few clicks, and our system takes care of finding the best rates and executing the trade.

Transparency and Trust

Every step of the swap process is transparent and secure, built on smart contracts.

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