Automated Arbitrage Pool

Each multichain token allows for arbitrage opportunity as equalizer bots balance prices only within each chain. Cross-chain arbitrage is complicated due to the need for bridges with their own fees and delays. Nevertheless, we see a great opportunity here that can be combined with Interport contracts.

Interport will launch single-side staking pools for multichain tokens, creating additional utility for them. These tokens (e.g. $link, $aave, etc) will be used to execute automated arbitrage transactions instantly without the need to bridge any tokens. Pools will be rebalanced while there are no arbitrage opportunities and always ready for new arbitrage transactions.

Interport will charge a performance fee while all other revenue will be distributed to stakers in the form of ITP tokens. Tokens are bought back from the market using the revenue generated. Hence, we balance pools on all chains, create additional utility for tokens, generate up to 100% APR on single-side staking, and create an additional incentive to hold specific tokens while benefiting Interport token economics.

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