Welcome to the Interchain swaps era!
What is Interport? Interport is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows you to perform Interchain swaps (cross-chain swaps) at the best rate due to cross chain liquidity aggregation contracts that source over 250 DEXes and liquidity sources looking for the best price! The protocol works with cross-chain messages to communicate with contracts on other chains and build transactions. Users always know the exact amount of desired tokens they will receive on another chain! No need to bridge assets, look for the liquidity pairs or worry about price volatility. We have it all covered for you! We are building an ecosystem that will bring trading in DeFi to another level! We are excited provide various outstanding opportunities for our users:
  • Interchain swaps
  • Stable coin liquidity utilization
  • Arbitrage opportunities
  • Revenue share model
  • Integrations and partnerships
We aim to make Interport the biggest Space Station in the DeFi Galaxy 🖖 How can it be used? Interport can be used for a variety of different purposes. Some uses:
  • Simple trades or swaps for assets that have liquidity on other networks
  • Regular arbitraging; one transaction call allows for fast and easy arbitraging
  • Direct arbitraging; as users can simply swap tokens for more of the same tokens on other chains
  • Stable coin farming; we offer over 20% APR on stable pools due to our high utilization ratio
  • Revenue sharing; earn fees with Interport by staking tokens
  • Build on top; we have no backend and our contracts are public for anyone to use them
These are some of the core opportunities Interport users can explore. There are way more features available once you start your journey! 🚀
Last modified 6mo ago