Interport Finance offers a bridge feature in conjunction with token swaps. The bridge allows for the movement of USDT/USDC between supported networks. Additional tokens will be introduced soon.

Unlike Interchain Swaps, the bridging process doesn't involve trading operations. Instead, we use our cross-chain vaults and LayerZero cross-chain messaging to move assets between different chains. For bridging USDC through the Ethereum, Avalanche, and Arbitrum networks, we also use Circle's CCTP. This process ensures optimal pricing, speed, and efficiency.

Key Advantages:

  • Ease of Transfer: Seamlessly move USDT/USDC between all supported networks

  • Transaction Speed: Ensures swift transfers, typically completed in ~3 minutes

  • Best Trading Rates: Offer the best available price, minimizing fees for users

LayerZero Cross-Chain Messaging

Interport's bridge functionality relies on LayerZero's cross-chain messaging protocol. This innovative technology plays a vital role in facilitating cross-chain transfers, adding an extra layer of efficiency and reliability to the process.

How to Use the Bridge:

  • Navigate to the Interport Bridge page and connect your wallet

  • Select the source chain and the destination chain. For example, you can bridge USDC from Arbitrum to the zkSync Era

  • Enter the amount of USDC you wish to bridge and approve the token allowance

  • Then click on β€œBridge” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Interport will initiate the bridging process, and once it is complete, you will receive the USDC on the destination chain

Interport's bridge function expands the capabilities of the platform by providing efficient and cost-effective cross-chain transfers.

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