Gas Transfer

Interport introduces the Gas Transfer feature, a significant advancement in blockchain interoperability.

Gas Transfer feature enables the transfer of native tokens across dozens of chains, utilizing advanced technology to facilitate the easy movement of assets across diverse blockchain ecosystems. When users transfer tokens to a new blockchain, they often face the obstacle of not possessing the chain's native token, which is necessary for gas fees and conducting transactions. We have introduced Gas Transfer, a solution powered by LayerZero. This feature ensures that users consistently have access to gas on any chain they require.

How to Transfer Native Tokens

With the ability to move native tokens, you can unlock new possibilities for your assets. Suppose you need gas tokens on a new network for initial purposes. Here’s how you can transfer it:

1. Go to the Gas Transfer page on our platform and connect your wallet.

2. Choose your source and destination chains from the available options. You only need to select chains; tokens are automatically set as native by default.

3. Specify the amount of tokens you want to receive on the destination chain. Our platform will display the corresponding amount of native tokens required for payment on the source chain.

4. Review the gas fee and estimated transaction time for your transfer.

5. Confirm the transfer after ensuring all details are correct.

If you want to transfer a large amount at once in several transactions, you can use the Repeat Transaction function. Specify the number of iterations, which is the number of transactions into which the amount will be split. The more transactions you have, the higher your rank in the Interport League Ranks campaign.

With the Gas Transfer feature on Interport, users can move tokens with confidence, knowing they will always have sufficient gas for their transactions.

In case you have any troubles, please contact our support on Discord.

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