Interchain Optimal Swaps

Interport aims to become a game changing tool in DeFi. We will provide an opportunity to perform aggregated interchain swaps to achieve the best rate possible out of all available liquidity. This means Interchain Optimal Swaps are like cross-chain aggregators!

Users will be able to buy or sell tokens on the preferred source chain. We analyze all the rates on all chains, perform swaps to the desired token, and send the amount back to the user at the desired chain.

Let's say you would like to buy or sell a $1mm worth of AAVE tokens. The price impact on one chain is most likely to result in 3-4% slippage. Spreading the same transaction within 4 networks and several LPs would result in a way smaller price impact while limiting arbitrage opportunity for other users and predatory bots.

Interchain Optimal Swaps may become adopted by the market extremely fast due to many imbalanced pools across networks and the need for automated cross-chain price aggregation.

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