Fee Distribution

Mediator contract collects all fees generated from swaps. Fees are automatically sent to the Mediator upon execution of any transaction. The manager of the Mediator may initiate the distribution of the fees. In order to automate this process the keeper bot can be set up to trigger the transaction wherever the requirements are met. For example, once a contract has over 1000 USDT on the balance, or based on the time periods.

The distribution happens following the further ratios:

  • 40% of fees goes to โ€œbuybackโ€ contract

  • 40% of fees goes to โ€œrevenue shareโ€ contracts

  • 20% of fees goes to protocols treasury multisig

Buyback contract accumulates USDC/USDT from Mediator. The manager can execute the buyback of ITP tokens via ITP-ETH LP routing through USDC-ETH or USDT-ETH pair. This process can also be automated and run through the keeper bot once specific โ€œtimeโ€ or โ€œamountโ€ requirements are met. After the successful execution of the buy back, ITP tokens are withdrawn by Manager and added to the protocols treasuries for further rewards distribution, including the rewards for stable coin farm contract as incentives. Also a buy-back contract grants powers to the manager of withdrawing tokens, in case of migrations, changing the routing for buybacks, freezing buybacks, etc. The manager is able to withdraw ITP tokens, USDT, USDC, and any other assets from the balance of the contract.

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