Stablecoin Pools

Elevating Stablecoin Utility

Interport introduces its innovative Stablecoin Pools, a feature designed to enhance the utility of stablecoins in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Our pools are available for USDT and USDC assets on multiple chains, including Ethereum and Fantom with plans to be launched on new chains. There is no risk of liquidations, volatility and impermanent loss as your position is always equal to your original deposit.

Key Features of Interport Stablecoin Pools

High Yield Potential

One of the standout aspects of Interport's Stablecoin Pools is the impressive yield potential. Thanks to our high utilization ratio, these pools are expected to deliver 20-60% APR on single-side staking. This exceptional yield is generated from the platform fees, providing a lucrative opportunity for stablecoin holders.

Cross-Chain Functionality

Our Stablecoin Pools play a crucial role in our cross-chain swap capability. By utilizing these pools, we are able to facilitate efficient and cost-effective swaps across various networks. This functionality is central to our mission of creating a seamless DeFi experience.

How Interport Stablecoin Pools Work

Dynamic Asset Management

Interport operates on a capital efficiency model, aiming for 100% utilization of our liquidity pools. This approach involves maintaining a ratio of x100 between the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the liquidity pools and the annual trading volumes. As a result, a TVL of 50 million can support an impressive 5 billion dollars in annual trading volume.

Active Management

The TVL of the pools is actively managed and adjusted to sustain optimal performance and yield. This dynamic management ensures that the pools continue to offer some of the best stablecoin yields in the DeFi sector.

Participating in Interport Stablecoin Pools

Accessible to All

Whether you're a seasoned DeFi enthusiast or new to the space, participating in Interport's Stablecoin Pools is straightforward. Users can deposit their stablecoin assets into these pools and start earning rewards in ITP tokens.

Pool Limits

The pool value limits will be increased as trading volumes increase at Interport.

Rewards Vesting

The rewards vesting period is 90 days, and early exits will incur a penalty of 50% of the rewards amount.

Get Started with Interport Stablecoin Pools

Dive into High Yield Farming

To join USDT/USDC pools follow this steps:

  1. Click β€œManage Position” for the coin you want to provide liquidity for and follow the suggested steps.

  2. Deposit USDT or USDC to the vault. You will receive iUSDT or iUSDC token.

  3. Deposit iUSDT or iUSDC token to the farm.

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