Maximizing Your Earnings on Interport

Diverse Earning Opportunities

At Interport, we offer dynamic earning opportunities through our Stablecoin Pools and ITP Farms. These features are designed to cater to a variety of earning preferences, whether you're looking for stable returns or more active yield farming.

Stablecoin Pools

Our Stablecoin Pools provide a secure and lucrative way to earn yield on your stablecoin holdings. By participating in these pools, you contribute to the liquidity essential for smooth trading on our platform, while earning attractive rewards.

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ITP Farms

For those seeking a more active earning strategy, ITP Farms offer a unique opportunity. By locking ITP/ETH LP tokens, you can earn rewards in USDC, USDT, and ITP, directly benefiting from the platform's revenue. This feature is ideal for users who wish to maximize their earnings while contributing to the platform's growth.

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