ITP Utilization and Economics

Protocol economics and how $ITP tokens can be used to generate yield
Economics All fees generated by the protocol will be distributed in the following format:
ITP buybacks will be executed automatically in small amounts to avoid price spikes and generate constant and positive price dynamics. 40% of fees generated are sent to the contract that executes buybacks and stores tokens for distribution. Stablecoin revenue will be distributed to ITP and ITP-ETH LP lockers in the following ratio:
  • 33.3% to ITP lockers
  • 66.6% to ITP-ETH LP lockers
We believe that it is very important to sustain sufficient treasury, therefore 20% of fees will be going there. This will guarantee long-term sustainability for the protocol and protect the community against liquidity shortages, cover operational and development expenses, and protect against unforeseen risks.
Utilization ITP tokens can be used as staking assets to accumulate yields generated from fees and emissions. There are two possible staking opportunities:
  • ITP single side 3 months lock
  • ITP-ETH LP 1 day lock
*ITP single side lockers will receive: 40% of all penalties and 33% of the revenue share distributed. *ITP-ETH LP lockers will receive: 60% of all penalties, 66.6% of the revenue share distributed and ITP emissions.
Stablecoin pools Liquidity pools used for Interchain swaps will be available for public participation. Liquidity providers will benefit from ITP emissions. Earned ITP tokens have to be:
  • vested over 30 days
  • or claimed early with a 50% penalty (that goes to lockers)
  • directly locked for revenue generation
Voting engagement ITP token holders can participate in community voting via snapshot. The core voting proposals will be addressed to such questions as: - adding additional stable pools - collaboration and partnerships - burns of unnecessary supply tokens - new features and technologies - adding new arbitrage pools We value our community and your opinion and would love people to engage! Proposals such as adding new arbitrage pools may create additional incentive for other projects and communities to hold ITP tokens and raise additional awareness.

Snapshot page

Interport governance happens through a snapshot page. Once a proposal is passed, the team will work on its implementation! Voting power is given by holding ITP tokens (either in your wallet or providing liquidity on major DEXes)

Discord and Forum

Feel free to use our Discord governance channel to dive into proposals and discuss with other members of the community. This will help improve the protocol! If you want a more in depth discussion, or to explore proposals, we highly recommend being active in governance framework by consistently reviewing Interport improvement proposals and voting via snapshot.