Core Solutions and Advantages of Interport

Some insight into why Interport is special
Interchain rates and swaps With Interport you can swap any token for any other token on any supported network! Buy some AAVE on Ethereum using CAKE on BSC, swap USDT on Avalanche to USDC on Polygon, or any other case!
All swaps are completed at the best rate and executed within one single transaction! Our contracts send cross-chain messages and communicate with each other to find the best rate and deliver assets to users on the desired chain! You no longer have to search liquidity pairs, browse DEXes, or use bridges to transfer funds to another network. We do everything for you while keeping it simple and easy to use!
Quick and simple Interchain swaps create tons of new opportunities in liquidity markets and we are proud to be one of the very first protocols to introduce the Interchain approach!
Arbitrage made easy Interport brings more advantages and solutions to DeFi! One important advantage is a simple and quick arbitrage opportunity!
  • In practice you buy assets for a lower price on one chain, bridge them to another chain where the price is higher, and sell there!
  • Interport allows users to simply swap assets from the chain with a higher price to more of the same asset on the chain with a lower price. As an example, you arbitrage AAVE between Ethereum and Polygon. ETH price spike results in 10 AAVE tokens = 1000 USDT. On Polygon, 10 AAVE tokens = 920 USDT! Just swapping 10 AAVE tokens from Ethereum to AAVE tokens on Polygon would result in you having 10.8 AAVE tokens on Polygon. Easy as that, with one simple transaction using Interport.
Utilization of assets Interport performs all Interchain swaps using its own stable coin liquidity pools (LPs). The protocol converts assets to stables on the source chain and uses stables on other chains to purchase desired assets and send them to the user.
We focus on and believe in the capital efficiency model. Therefore we aim for 100% utilization of our liquidity pools. This is done by sustaining the ratio of x100 between LP TVL and annual trading volumes. The maximum TVL of the LPs will be actively managed and adjusted to that end. This results in 50 million TVL, producing a 5 billion dollar annual trading volume.
Yields Due to the high utilization ratio, Interport will be able to produce one of the best stablecoin yields in DeFi. Stable LPs are expected to deliver 20-30% APR on single-side staking. The pool value limits will be increased as trading volumes increase at Interport.